Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Craft Project with FREE ACE PAINT!

*For details on getting FREE paint go here!

I totally forgot to take the BEFORE picture but lets just say it was sad! It was a light boy blue and had writing and stickers and a phone number on it! I got it for free when I purchased another dresser off of Craigslist. I KNEW it could be cute. Originally I was just going to go with white and distressed for a universal look in one of the kids rooms... then we moved into our tiny apartment and we needed something to hold miscellaneous tools... and it sits on our back deck. 

I'm in the middle of redoing the back deck area... it's taking longer than I want... due to unpleasant surroundings... (SMOKE)... that's another story in and of itself. I believe that if you choose to harm yourself, fine but with smoking you are harming everyone around you! Anyway, this is the first real change to the back deck.

So here is the finished product(without handles just yet)...

Here is how I did the stencil(with vinyl cut out from my Cricut)...

And this is the crappy paint(yellow) it bled so bad but we'll just say that it is distressed :)

And here is where I used the free paint from Ace (orange and turquoise)- worked FABULOUS not perfect but WAY better than the yellow!

I bought the crappy paint at 50% off at Wal-mart a long while back but it still may have been TOO much! 
The yellow ColorPlace paint was very watery, runny, and even a bit see through because the color went on so thin while the Clark + Kensington was thicker and full of color nor did it run so much. I did need to make the vinyl stick a bit better in some areas though.

What are your painting or crafting tips?

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