Friday, September 2, 2016


Guys I started a new boutique and I want to share it with you!! 

Here's the back story:

It all began when I found these stinking cute rompers. I had been seeing them everywhere for a bundle of $$....  didn't want to pay that much. If you are a parent, you can guess why. Paying a fortune for children's clothes is no fun. They outgrow them or wear them out rather quickly(that can't be just my kids!)

I wanted them for my cute little baby girl{P.S. I had a baby AGAIN! ha! She is beautiful and we're loving her. She is in the :-) stage right now. She smiling at me right now as I do this post} 

Having done boutiques for years now I used my connections to buy wholesale. I buy as many as I can at a time to get the price as low as possible. Then of course I wanted some new clothes too, which led to where we are now. We(I asked my sister Sue to join me-she's awesome sauce) started a group to do pre-orders through and it's awesome because we join together and buy together so that we get the best pricing possible! We all win.

It went so well that just a week in and we had 500+ members! So...

We are celebrating in a big way! We have a giveaway
that will have five prizes and four different winners! Come join the group today and enter our giveaway! See what we're all about!

* Sorry about the long ugly link. I'm working on my iPad app and there's no hyperlink as far as I can tell.
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Target Patio Sale Starts NOW!

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Harrison 7-Piece Wicker Sectional Patio Seating Set - Threshold™

Alright, it's HERE! I have been eyeing this patio set every time I go in to Target. We aren't ready for a whole new set just yet though... but accessories! Yes PLEASE! Limited Time only!
Ends 4/16/2016

Also,  Get free shipping AND 

* I have their debit card and it is fantastic. No interest rate, comes straight from my checking, and I save 5% EVERY TIME!
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Patio Decor and Target Tax Day Sales

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run dates: 04/14/2016 - 4/16/2016 only

Ready for Summer? 
Even though we are just barely starting to enjoy spring?!
Itching to get your pool deck or patio all decked out

In my part of the country spring doesn't last long anyway but man am I sooo ready for summer!
I guess before I skip onto summer we've got some other events happening... 
like TAX DAY! The dreaded deadline... April 15th! 
{It's only dreaded if you haven't already filed- thank goodness we have}

And it seems retailers are always wanting to offer us a way to spend any return we might get... in return they offer great sales! Softens the blow a *little* right?

Target has quite a few great sales coming up and I'll try to keep you posted as they roll in... one of my favorites coming up is...shh... a Patio SALE!

BUT since we don't want to wait until Tax Day for a good deal, here's one available RIGHT NOW!

{Just click the link below!}

* I have their debit card and it is fantastic. No interest rate, comes straight from my checking, and I save 5% EVERY TIME!
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Farm House Fixer Upper style

Pre dating my husband, I never imagined a life that would involve country music, farm animals, and really much of anything to do with farming... 10 years in and some of my favorite music is country music, I learned to tolerate farm life then to become a part of it... 

Much learning still to come for me and this farm life but I have to say the one part of it I really like is the Farm House "fixer upper" style. I didn't know that was what it was called until I watched my first episode of "Fixer upper" last night{Now I must watch them all!} but it definitely is what I continue to try and refinish my house into. I finally finished these end tables that I painted MONTHS ago. They aren't perfect just like me and farm life. The imperfections bother me but then they'll grow on me and I'll love them... Funny how that works. Everything, for me, is a process. 

The Process on these peices:
Originally they were just plain brown wood and the top was a brown leather(Yes I painted the leather)

1) Sand lightly
2) Paint with my own DIY chalk paint, tops and all
3) slightly distress base
4) Step 4 is an extra step. The gray chalk paint on the leather didn't bond for some reason. I wasn't sure what to do so they sat that way for a while. {Definitely a process}
5) Resand and paint leather portion with antique white General Finishes milk paint
6) This step is a tutorial of its own... I attempted my first image transfer ever... with wax paper. That was a challenging process too. I redid the farm life one, the first was well... Not so pretty. 
7) Seeing how much imperfection there was in the transfer I asked for advice and was told that maybe a wash would be good to give it a more worn look... Which is what I wanted anyway. I didn't have anything on hand for a wash but I did have some antiquing glaze so I went with that. However, because the transfer is ink and smears with wet substances, it needed to be sealed first with a spray seal so nothing smeared to an unrecognizable degree then glazed! 
8) Decide to embrace the imperfections and put them in place in our living room! Although I may continue to glaze them a bit more down the road.

{A process I tell ya}

P.S. Farm life for us doesn't involve pigs or chickens... but we had a surprise visit from pigs on the farm this week. The kids and I thought it was a great surprise!
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Holiday Blurrrrr!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year?!!!

The last couple months have definitely been a blur in our home. Off of what little memory I have... It went a little like this:

November... Plan/pack/enjoy Disneyland!!!!! So that was huge! If ever you've planned a week trip to Disneyland you know what I mean. More on that later...

Oh, hi Thanksgiving! P.S. I'm PREGNANT!!! (We knew for a while, like before Halloween!) So we got to announce how grateful we are for baby #5!! {wo! I mean WO!} So, back up a sec, I was nauseous and puking since October! Worst morning sickness I've had. Again, more on the pregnancy later, Not that kind of more... We all know how it works ;)

And then oh... Christmas came. Santa visited. We celebrated Christ's birthday- really try to make that the focus. It helped that Santa's helper had NO energy for all hustle and bustle of the usual Christmas festivities. Took the lights down the next day, mostly because half of them went out in the first part of December. Oh and there's that time when we decided to do a small bathroom remodel during the's still not finished. But looking good. I'll share pictures and *maybe* a couple tutorials after it's all done.

Now we are several days into the new year but I don't think it's too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 
I'm so happy because I'm now into the second trimester and feeling much better as far as nausea goes. So, big stuff is happening in the Thompson household and I'm just trying to keep up! 

New Years Goal numero uno: finish that bathroom! {and make it to June when baby #5 comes!} Yup... Definitely pregnant! Had lots of cute ways to announce buuut the nausea gave it away-everyone saw it coming! 

{Glad the kids are back in school!}

Here's a sneak peak into the still unfinished remodeling process of our kids/guest bathroom. Yup, I hung it up on unpainted walls because I needed a break from the remodeling process. Hopefully soon I'll get back to it!
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Monday, November 9, 2015

DIY Solar Mason Jar Lanterns

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Thank you in advance for any such clicks or purchases**

I did this little project on a whim after seeing that you could purchase solar light mason jar lids 3 for $20! (and that was supposed to be a good deal) I LOVED the idea but quickly thought of a cheap hack for it. 

The Dollar Store sells tons of little solar light trinkets for a DOLLAR! LOL. 

Below is a quick picture tutorial but basically I took the plastic solar tulips, cut out the solar device, cut a hole in the mason jar lid, inserted and glued into place the solar device and put the lid back on the jar!! SIMPLE! 

And you really could dress up the jars however you want. Here I just painted the lid, partially filled the jars with pebble glass, and used twine to hang them. I'm thinking they'll look awesome on the porch too. 

A couple more close ups in the dark and light. 

Happy Holiday Crafting!

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cute Fall Necessities 50%+ off

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Temperatures took a quick dive here in St. George. I'm feeling like fall has arrived but is moving through quickly. All I've wanted to do is stay bundled up in cozy clothes and a blanket while drinking hot cocoa. 

These deals from Jane at a fraction of the normal price are perfect for the colder temps. Here are just a few things that caught my eye. 

Chloe Trench coat is only $21.99 (Reg. $45)
Fur lined leggings only $6.99 (Reg $19.99)
Knit Beanies only $9.99(Reg $22.99)
Wedge Booties only $20.99(Reg $49.99)
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Friday, November 6, 2015

List of Daily Deal Sites

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Daily Deal site are a BIG DEAL!

It took me quite a while and I'm sure there will be more to add to the list BUT I have brought together a HUGE master list of Daily Deal sites.  I even made an easy access at the top of my site for your convenience(I'm that nice!)

I love finding awesome deals on EVERYTHING! 

Here is a big list of Daily Deal sites. 
Find your favorites and book mark them!
(Think Christmas Shopping right from home)

OneKingsLane ($15 credit upon sign up)
Decor Steals ($5 credit upon sign up)
Choxi ($10 credit upon sign up)
Living social ($10 credit upon sign up)

Target (Not really a daily deals site *normally* but during the holidays they offer a toy a day at 50% off through Cartwheel)

Any sites you would add to the list??

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Awesome Simple Cheap Disney Souvenir

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 I was just about to send off a whole bunch of images to Costco to create a Disney Character Signature book until I saw this idea

I love the idea of a Disney Signature book but with four kids could easily see the issues we'd run into... 
-Printing and organizing the character pages
-thumbing through character pages trying to find the right page
-not being able to find each character on the list
-or worse, not having a page for each character we meet...
-and the overall time consumption of it all.

This idea simplifies that all! I love it!


1)Get a mat frame from Michaels(or other store) and you can even use a coupon. 
2)Place it in a gallon sized bag with a pen 
3)Each time you meet a character quickly pull it out. 

You could do one family mat frame or one for each family member. I think this time around I'll go for a family frame to keep things simple. Of course you simply add your favorite picture from your trip to the frame!

Thank you for the idea! 
(Click on the image to be sent to the original Pin from StockPilingMoms)
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DIY Cage light

Seriously, I'm stuck in DIY mode right now. This one has been rolling through my head for a while now and since I just finished my dining set, I couldn't stand the thought of still having the old gold chandie in there so I went for it. Going from 6 light bulbs to one was a big concern for me but it actually turned out awesome and with the right bulb there is still a good amount of light. 

So I didn't do an in depth tut but there are pictures to give you the jist of how it was done. 

Supplies Needed:

1 random light kit
(I got it from Lowes on clearance for $11)

1 Cute wire basket thing
(I got mine from a home furnishings store- Boulevard- 
with a coupon from when we moved so it was FREE)

1 roll of twine 
($1 section of Target)

glue gun
(or some other object to cut a hole in metal)

Total Cost was $12!
 (Minus the cost of the light bulb)

I wish I could take pictures as well as I could craft! 
I love the twin wrapped around the cord- it adds the right amount of rustic nautical to the room. 

*Please forgive the uneven layout. Sometimes blogger(or THE blogger) doesn't work as expected-
I like to call it LIFE. Imperfect and somewhat unpredictable but great still the same*

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dining Set Before/After Pics!

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I'm so excited to reveal my new dining set! 
By new, I mean reclaimed, beautified, old 80's dining room set! It only took me over two years of owning it to get to painting it... and 2 full days of sanding, cleaning, painting, sanding, painting, upholstering and cleaning again to get it done but IT. IS. DONE. YAY!

Check out the Before:

And here's the After
(with LOTS of close ups!)

I sanded the top all the way to the bare wood so the wood grain would still show through with the help of General Finishes milk paints. The top is seagull gray and the base is antique white. I lightly distressed the top and left the base a bit more distressed looking, which was easy to do with this awesome paint! (This is my first go with milk paints) They are pretty great for antiquing and distressing projects.

For my chairs, I actually used a Krylon spray paint in a darker gray. Not much option in spray can paint as far as shades of gray- but I like the contrast with the table. Then they were sealed in with a Rustoleum clear top coat. Spraying dining chairs is much better than hand much better!
I left them nice and clean, no distressing. It's all about balance right? The seats got reupholstered with a fresh new fabric and clear vinyl(because seriously, I've got kids).

Now onto that wood trim and carpet!
(accept I think I'll wait on changing the flooring until all kids are potty trained and mess free, 
is that even possible?!!!)

I can't stop staring at my dining room now! It feels so close to complete! 

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I'm still here!

I've been neck deep in some DIY projects and haven't had time to post anything! I'll try to get my projects up soon. They are amazing, if I do say so myself! Want a sneak peak??

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Friday, October 9, 2015

AdOraBle Levi and Lace girls vest 70% off!

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Ok, this has got to be one of the cutest vests for girls ever! There was no questioning on this one...
I bought one for each of my girls! And what a STEAL! $9.99 each!
(Plus I saved an additional 10%- SEE HOW BELOW)

I am planning to save it for Christmas but lets be honest, it is perfect for fall layering 
and fall family pictures!

New to Sassy Steals? Save 10% by clicking the image below!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yard Sale Tips

Yard Sale Refresher!
It's that time again! I've been getting itchy to do another yard sale and also to shop the yard sales... I've noticed a lot of really bad signage(no offense-if it was you, you probably didn't read this post before :) )... and realized if they don't put effort into the sign, they really don't usually have anything worth while so PLEASE... If you have AWESOME stuff and really want to sell it, read through these tips :)

Yard Sale Season is upon us. It's a great time to get rid of clutter, downsize, or empty out those storage units AND make some cash! I have done a few yard sales and plan to do one again soon.
I have read up on tips for yard sales and learned a few of my own.

These are the tips I suggest if you are going to be putting on a yard sale:
Some of these tips I learned from All Things Thrifty.

1) Use or a local classifieds( to post yard sales for free. I suggest listing it about 5 days prior to the sale and then the day before the sale. Include a list of the best items for sale, the time and location, and pictures if possible.

2) Use all the same color poster board and make sure they all look alike so your potential "customers" don't get confused. Cut them in half for major stop light areas, then in fourths as you get closer to the actual location (I posted them around the entire block where we were having our sale)

3)USE A FAT BLACK PERMANENT MARKER. Simply put Yard Sale with an arrow directing traffic(make sure you know which way the arrow should point)... I left some blank just in case I need to rethink the location of the sign. If the sign is a couple of blocks away, put a simple address under the arrow.

4)Make sure you are getting every angle for drivers- 4 signs are best but AT LEAST TWO for the different directions of traffic at the major stop lights near by. Be sure to keep the signs no more than 2 blocks apart so traffic can easily spot the direction they need to go without getting lost. 


There are different methods you can take for this one but these are the ones I like most.

1)ALWAYS SET UP EARLY. If your garage sale is at 8am... be there at 6am getting everything set up... PEOPLE WILL COME AT 7!!! Early bird catches the worm. Seriously! And that means YOU can get rid of more clutter.

2) Try to categorize by kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, clothing, electronics, shoes, baby gear, furniture, ect. If you have a baby crib, a stroller, baby clothes and accessories- put them all in an area of their own... just like at an actual store. This goes for everything you have for sale... have a computer desk and cords to sell? Put them together. Set up "rooms" with the furniture.

3) Clothing. This is my weak spot. I know you get more money if you iron and hang all your clothing up but the time spent doing that isn't worth it to me. So INSTEAD, I do try to hang clothing up if I have the space to do so but if not, I have a huge tarp to lay the clothing out on. Organize it by gender, size, and season. This just makes it easier for a buyer to spot what they might be looking for. 

4) Bring furniture- like dressers and couches clear out to the side walk area to draw people in. And wipe down any furniture as well.

Other tips:

1) Have an overall theme for your garage sale. Once I gave everyone a free magazine with their purchase(I had a lot that were about to hit the trash) or a free mini calculator(I also had an abundance of these) if they spent $10 or more. *Back to the clothing for a second, I often use the clothing to pull people in- $2 per grocery bag(which I would have available) of clothing or 10 CENT TOPS... that keeps them looking and they may just spot something else along the way that costs a little more. 

Other common themes are bake sales included with the garage sale, or hand made goods, or a lemonade stand- your kids will make it a success;)

2) Always ALWAYS try to have AT LEAST 2 families doing it together- then you can advertise honestly as a multi family yard sale... this is much more appealing because that triggers in the buyers mind- twice as much stuff to buy!

3) Pricing, I have tried both not pricing anything and pricing everything. I actually like pricing just the big ticket items, price them for MORE than you really want so the customers can haggle with you(it is part of the experience for lots of yard sale goers) then you will most likely end up with what you want for it.

4) Be sure to welcome them to your garage sale- as if they are walking into a store. Stores know what they are doing and that's why we buy from them.

5) For all the items without a price, have the lowest price in your mind that you are ok with selling it for so when someone asks, "how much?" You can either respond with "How much would you pay for it?" or you can give them a STARTING point to barter with.

All in all, be prepared, start early and have fun making some money!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Disney Diamond Days Sweepstakes

If you keep tabs on Disneyland's blog you already know about this but for those of us who haven't will want to now.

You've got to do this!! Definitely a must for our upcoming trip! Everyone loves giveaways right?!

First let me clear the air now, daily entries are for anyone who will actually be at Disneyland from now through February 5, 2016. You must be present to win the daily drawings. You need not be in the park but you must be on Disney grounds to claim daily prizes. So add this to your list of things to do next time you visit.

All you have to do is text the "Word of the   day" to 227853 (CASTLE) between 7am and 10:59 am pacific time. 

The word can be found outside Disney's resorts or at the entrance of Disneyland. At 11:00 you will receive a notice if you've won. You have 60 minutes to go claim your prize or it will be forfeited. 

There are also weekly drawings and a final drawing- your text entries qualify you for both of those. You need not be present for those drawings. 

You may also enter weekly drawings online here:

There are some amazing prizes to be had! I think Diamond says it all, however, the after hours Disneyland tour sounds like a blast! 

I bet you can guess who will be entering as much as possible!! 

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Using VRBO for your Disney Vacation

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Have you heard of VRBO
"Powered by HomeAway, The world leader in vacation rentals"

VRBO is a site that allows individuals list their properties as vacation rentals. 
You can find vacation rentals all over the world through VRBO.  These rentals range from small condos to large homes and sometimes even whole apartment complexes. 

Rather than get into all the nitty gritty of VRBO itself, 
I want to share what I have learned through researching for our Disneyland vacation.

VRBO for Disneyland
*Hundreds of locations- some even right across from Disneyland
*Something to accommodate and party size
*Family friendly. Many of the rentals have strollers, high chairs, beach toys and more
(no need to pack bulky strollers in the car!)
*Options: swimming pool, bbq's, theater rooms, decked out in Disney decor- you can find it
*Lower than Hotel Prices: Price per person is usually(not always) lower than a hotel
*Full sized kitchens and fridges- save on $$- prepare meals to take to the park
*Washers and dryers at most rentals
*Living space- it really is more like home
*Split the cost with multiple families
*Free Parking: Some provide parking passes for Disneyland if they aren't close enough to walk, might as well ask about it.

*Cleaning Fees
 I've seen them from $70-200 depending on the rental. This is decided individually- you may be able to work with the renters on the cleaning fee but usually it's pretty set in stone. 
*Damage Deposits
Usually $300-400 to protect the owners against any damage done. Most of them say fully refundable. Definitely ask each owner specifically about that. Some are partially refundable while some are fully refundable. Be sure to ask the likelihood of getting all of that back. I was told several times that it is refunded 10-14 days following our stay.
*Damage Insurance
NON-refundable fee usually $70-80 This is actual insurance so it is not refundable. I didn't see more than a handful that required this but it IS there. You can click the 'Rates' tab on any VRBO rental or the 'detailed price' link below the 'quote' button will also show any extra fees.
*Pool/Spa heating fees
Not all have them but if you have a place with a pool or spa, make sure to double check or ask the owner about it. I've seen them be $10-20 a day! That adds up.
*Additional Persons Fee
This one is ridiculous IMO. And it comes up more often than the Damage insurance so triple check on this one. A rental may say it sleeps 12 then say additional $5-10 pppn (per person per night) 
above six. That adds up really quick if you are planning to max out at 12 people. 
*Verify that the property is vacant.
VRBO is a site that allows individuals list their properties as vacation rentals. Let me clarify, these are usually people who own several properties with the intent to rent them out, however, I did run across a couple 'rentals' which were part of a persons home, meaning you would be staying in the same home as the owners. Possibly their basement, casita, or even a 4th floor "apartment" on their home. While some may be ok with staying with total strangers, I think the majority isn't... which does have a bonus to it, the prices are usually less for these kind of rentals. Not enough incentive for me to stay there but maybe for someone else.

Additional Tips:

*Prices vary by location, size, and number of persons staying
*Discounted rates will pop up if you are planning last minute or off season trips
*Weekly Discounted Rates:If you plan to stay for an entire week, many will usually give you a good discount.
*Distance Saves. If you don't mind being a little farther from the park, go just outside of the Anaheim area and avoid the new 15% TAX RATE that applies to all Anaheim rentals. This went into effect over the summer of 2015.
*Multiple families going? Find a large home and split the costs. Usually ends up costing less than a hotel room and you have more amenities.
*NEVER EVER pay through a wire transfer, Money Gram, or Western Union, even Paypal. 
I trust Paypal but in this case, it may be used as a way to avoid VRBO requirements and safe guards.The best option is to pay through VRBO to ensure your transaction is verifiable. I did read that you can pay in cash in person but every renter I talked with requires payment before your trip, just like if you booked a flight or hotel, it's only guaranteed once its paid for.
*One last tip, check the reviews but don't solely rely on them. I've read that negative reviews are not posted. Kind of ruins the idea of even having reviews available. But take note to the percentage of renters who actually left a review. If 200 people stayed there and only a handful left a review, I'd make sure to talk with the owner in depth before agreeing to rent from them.

There is a lot to take in when searching for a vacation rental on VRBO but overall, I think it can be worth it. 

As I was researching for our stay, we ended up finding other sources inadvertently through VRBO properties and planned to work with them seperately. Here are some sites we found.

This is who we are working with. They have been very accommodating and friendly. All the homes listed are very nice luxury homes. We are excited to work with them for our stay. 
I'll let you know what we think about it after our stay. 

(Castle #14)

These are decked out in Disney decor and have a special theme to each home. However, I didn't like that prices are only available by phone requests. This site is similar to VRBO in the fact that each of the homes are owned by different people so your contact info changes from house to house. They do have great reviews as far as I can tell. 

What options have you looked into for your 
Disneyland vacations?
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