Thursday, November 5, 2015

Awesome Simple Cheap Disney Souvenir

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 I was just about to send off a whole bunch of images to Costco to create a Disney Character Signature book until I saw this idea

I love the idea of a Disney Signature book but with four kids could easily see the issues we'd run into... 
-Printing and organizing the character pages
-thumbing through character pages trying to find the right page
-not being able to find each character on the list
-or worse, not having a page for each character we meet...
-and the overall time consumption of it all.

This idea simplifies that all! I love it!


1)Get a mat frame from Michaels(or other store) and you can even use a coupon. 
2)Place it in a gallon sized bag with a pen 
3)Each time you meet a character quickly pull it out. 

You could do one family mat frame or one for each family member. I think this time around I'll go for a family frame to keep things simple. Of course you simply add your favorite picture from your trip to the frame!

Thank you for the idea! 
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