Thursday, November 5, 2015

DIY Cage light

Seriously, I'm stuck in DIY mode right now. This one has been rolling through my head for a while now and since I just finished my dining set, I couldn't stand the thought of still having the old gold chandie in there so I went for it. Going from 6 light bulbs to one was a big concern for me but it actually turned out awesome and with the right bulb there is still a good amount of light. 

So I didn't do an in depth tut but there are pictures to give you the jist of how it was done. 

Supplies Needed:

1 random light kit
(I got it from Lowes on clearance for $11)

1 Cute wire basket thing
(I got mine from a home furnishings store- Boulevard- 
with a coupon from when we moved so it was FREE)

1 roll of twine 
($1 section of Target)

glue gun
(or some other object to cut a hole in metal)

Total Cost was $12!
 (Minus the cost of the light bulb)

I wish I could take pictures as well as I could craft! 
I love the twin wrapped around the cord- it adds the right amount of rustic nautical to the room. 

*Please forgive the uneven layout. Sometimes blogger(or THE blogger) doesn't work as expected-
I like to call it LIFE. Imperfect and somewhat unpredictable but great still the same*

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