Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dining Set Before/After Pics!

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I'm so excited to reveal my new dining set! 
By new, I mean reclaimed, beautified, old 80's dining room set! It only took me over two years of owning it to get to painting it... and 2 full days of sanding, cleaning, painting, sanding, painting, upholstering and cleaning again to get it done but IT. IS. DONE. YAY!

Check out the Before:

And here's the After
(with LOTS of close ups!)

I sanded the top all the way to the bare wood so the wood grain would still show through with the help of General Finishes milk paints. The top is seagull gray and the base is antique white. I lightly distressed the top and left the base a bit more distressed looking, which was easy to do with this awesome paint! (This is my first go with milk paints) They are pretty great for antiquing and distressing projects.

For my chairs, I actually used a Krylon spray paint in a darker gray. Not much option in spray can paint as far as shades of gray- but I like the contrast with the table. Then they were sealed in with a Rustoleum clear top coat. Spraying dining chairs is much better than hand painting...so much better!
I left them nice and clean, no distressing. It's all about balance right? The seats got reupholstered with a fresh new fabric and clear vinyl(because seriously, I've got kids).

Now onto that wood trim and carpet!
(accept I think I'll wait on changing the flooring until all kids are potty trained and mess free, 
is that even possible?!!!)

I can't stop staring at my dining room now! It feels so close to complete! 

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Josh 'n Jenn said...

So cute! What a pretty table. Love the light too!

Josh 'n Jenn said...

So cute! What a pretty table. Love the light too!

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