Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Holiday Blurrrrr!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year?!!!

The last couple months have definitely been a blur in our home. Off of what little memory I have... It went a little like this:

November... Plan/pack/enjoy Disneyland!!!!! So that was huge! If ever you've planned a week trip to Disneyland you know what I mean. More on that later...

Oh, hi Thanksgiving! P.S. I'm PREGNANT!!! (We knew for a while, like before Halloween!) So we got to announce how grateful we are for baby #5!! {wo! I mean WO!} So, back up a sec, I was nauseous and puking since October! Worst morning sickness I've had. Again, more on the pregnancy later, Not that kind of more... We all know how it works ;)

And then oh... Christmas came. Santa visited. We celebrated Christ's birthday- really try to make that the focus. It helped that Santa's helper had NO energy for all hustle and bustle of the usual Christmas festivities. Took the lights down the next day, mostly because half of them went out in the first part of December. Oh and there's that time when we decided to do a small bathroom remodel during the's still not finished. But looking good. I'll share pictures and *maybe* a couple tutorials after it's all done.

Now we are several days into the new year but I don't think it's too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 
I'm so happy because I'm now into the second trimester and feeling much better as far as nausea goes. So, big stuff is happening in the Thompson household and I'm just trying to keep up! 

New Years Goal numero uno: finish that bathroom! {and make it to June when baby #5 comes!} Yup... Definitely pregnant! Had lots of cute ways to announce buuut the nausea gave it away-everyone saw it coming! 

{Glad the kids are back in school!}

Here's a sneak peak into the still unfinished remodeling process of our kids/guest bathroom. Yup, I hung it up on unpainted walls because I needed a break from the remodeling process. Hopefully soon I'll get back to it!
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