Friday, September 2, 2016


Guys I started a new boutique and I want to share it with you!! 

Here's the back story:

It all began when I found these stinking cute rompers. I had been seeing them everywhere for a bundle of $$....  didn't want to pay that much. If you are a parent, you can guess why. Paying a fortune for children's clothes is no fun. They outgrow them or wear them out rather quickly(that can't be just my kids!)

I wanted them for my cute little baby girl{P.S. I had a baby AGAIN! ha! She is beautiful and we're loving her. She is in the :-) stage right now. She smiling at me right now as I do this post} 

Having done boutiques for years now I used my connections to buy wholesale. I buy as many as I can at a time to get the price as low as possible. Then of course I wanted some new clothes too, which led to where we are now. We(I asked my sister Sue to join me-she's awesome sauce) started a group to do pre-orders through and it's awesome because we join together and buy together so that we get the best pricing possible! We all win.

It went so well that just a week in and we had 500+ members! So...

We are celebrating in a big way! We have a giveaway
that will have five prizes and four different winners! Come join the group today and enter our giveaway! See what we're all about!

* Sorry about the long ugly link. I'm working on my iPad app and there's no hyperlink as far as I can tell.
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