Monday, June 4, 2012

GraveYard Mall Deals for Dad...and a Lighting Fixtures sale!

With Father's Day just around the corner you are probably looking for a great gift idea now and even better if it is a great deal right? 
Hopefully if you snag these deals now they will arrive by Fathers Day! Either way, these are some of the fun things I found today!

Trophy Dad Tee Only $2.99(XL only)

This is what I'm getting for my dad... It is an unusual gift but it works perfect because they need replacements for their windows at the cabin!

And if you haven't heard, Graveyard Mall is having a 
Take an extra 25% off with code LIGHT25  

There are lots of great lights available too! This is kind of perfect since we still need to replace some lighting fixtures in hour condo we have been remodeling

Starting at $7.99(then 25% off that) for a new bathroom light...
Or starting at $1.99(then 25% off that) for Track and ceiling lighting. The one shown below is $7.99, take 25% off, only$5.99!

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