Friday, June 1, 2012

Epic Mickey Debt Count Down Month 9

This month was a funny one. We actually had intended to pay less than we did but due to a student loan auto pay mishap we paid $350 more! We'll have to reimburse our Emergency fund next month for that...
Anyway, we filled in 12 squares and unless something amazing happens with our income...we will start averaging about 15 squares a month.

It's also official that we CAN NOT go to Disney Land BEFORE this is filled in because our children have the idea engraved in their minds. Disney has raised their ticket prices and my husband and I were talking about it and saying we really would like to go now(just dreaming) and our boy said, "but not until we color it all the way to the tongue in red." We are doing the tongue red of course and we have said that will be the last part to be filled in. LOL! 

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**As a family we decided to change our lives by paying off debt. We needed motivation to keep us going. This Epic Mickey represents how much debt we owe. Each filled in square represents a dollar amount paid off. Once the entire Mickey is filled in, we will be debt free besides our home. Then we'll party in style with Disney to celebrate! We have included a monthly plan to have the savings set aside to pay for the trip too so we won't be back tracking just to celebrate. Take the journey with us as we share tips and tricks to save money, generate more money, free ourselves from the chains of debt and create a better future for our family and yours!
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Barbara Cobham said...

What a great idea! It could work for anything; a cruise, a certain item you have always wanted, a new care. Simple, fun and brilliant!

Julie said...

Thank you Barbara! :) We have been having fun with it. I have been thinking of doing a savings one for a house :)

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