Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Silver digital Weight scale only $17.99! (Normally $51.49)

We have been looking for a good scale on a deal ever since my husband decided to buy the CHEAPEST scale he could at Target... and it was CHEAP! I'm proud of him for trying to stay on a budget and thinking frugally but we really need a more accurate scale for our fitness tracking. The nicer ones range from $25-$60 so this is an awesome deal and it SHIPS FREE!

Graveyard Mall has an awesome deal on a nice stainless steel looking scale for only $17.99 Shipped FREE! (as far as I can tell it does not measure body fat-if you are looking for that).

Be sure to check out their clearance section and their daily deals too!

Only $3.99 for this set of curtains!
And I found it odd that there was a movie about the Band New Found Glory(I have a few of their cd's... from back in the day!) Only $3.99

Don't forget the men's t-shirts  (think Father's day) are in the clearance section too!

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