Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chic Cheap Flip Flops- Sewing/Crafting Project

With the Old Navy $1 flip flop sale coming up this week, this is a perfect time to try out a Flip Flop Craft project. This can be done with just some scraps so I give this project a total of about $2 at most! Wahoo!

Here is a step by step Tutorial of the ones I made for my girls for Easter.

Step 1) Make double sided triangles that fit the space of the front straps on your child.

Step 2) Sew the triangles together accept at the point

Step 3) Sew a piece of elastic in the tip, length depends on your childs foot size. You can always go short if you make it too long...  but you can't go longer.

Step 4) Cut fabric for ruffles. I folded mine in half so there would not be strings coming off the edges. I did about 3" wide and length depends on the size of flip flops

Step 5) Sew the smallest ruffle on first then the next smallest. Repeat until all ruffles are sewn to the top of the triangles

Step 6) Use bias tape to trim off the top of the triangle and sew another two strands of elastic- you'll need to measure on the foot to see exactly where you want the strands to be- this will allow the flip flops to have an ankle strap. 
*If you do not want an ankle strap, just use the bias tape and sew it shut along the top of the triangle and leave extra length to use as side straps(instead of using elastic and wrapping bias tape aroung the ankle)

Step 7) Cut off all straps from the original flip flops- apparently I forgot pictures of this part...

Step 8) Pull elastics through the holes in flip flops- adjust until they fit your child's (or adult's) foot, then tie a knot on bottom

Step 9) Use hot glue to fill in the bottom of the holes, make sure you fill it and make it flat so you aren't walking on knots.

Step 10) Let glue dry and WEAR YOUR NEW FLIP FLOPS!

Also check out these ideas from The Mother Huddle too! Love them!

Thumbnail image for Tutorial ~ Key West Flip Flops & Rock The Flop LinkyThumbnail image for Tutorial ~ The Knot So Hard Flip Flop Diy

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