Monday, June 25, 2012

Fabulous Tan without Skin Cancer! Famous Dave's Self Tanner Review

Ok, let me be honest! I love the look of a nice tan. BUT I can't get a tan without excessive visits to a tanning salon... HELLO SKIN CANCER! No thank you! I used to tan at salons in my less mature days but I always regretted it.
I have tried self tanners before too, and to be honest, I really never noticed a difference with those lotion kinds that you put on every day or I got really orange on my knees ankles and hands with the others. I just haven't trusted self tanners so I've always been WHITE WHITE WHITE. I even swim at the pool a lot but I try to be careful with sun exposure. My legs are the HARDEST part to tan too. 

So I am thrilled to have been able to try out a new professional tanner, Famous Dave's Medium Moisture tanning lotion. I am a white girl so I didn't want to just morph into a DARK tan but there is a dark tanner available too. I love that it came with a diagram card to show you just how much you will need for each body part(1-2 pumps for lower leg) and a step by step instruction sheet so that you can have the best experience with it as possible. It didn't say to use gloves but I did- due to past experiences of self tanner.

This is right after doing the right leg, left leg is my normal WHITE WHITE WHITE skin. 
It's already working!

*Great instructions
*Super Easy to apply
*Nice even Tan
*Not orange looking! 
*My husband even said it looks natural and he whistled at me :) BONUS!
*If some areas(like knees and feet) get a little too much on it, you can simply rub a bit of it off without removing the whole tan
*You DON'T APPLY EVERY DAY(Instructions say for the most natural looking tan, do it every 4-5 days)
*A bottle will last me quite a long time- worth the money for sure!
*You can get dressed just 5 minutes after applying it
*You see immediate results and the tan progresses over the next 4-6 hours after applying.
*I love that since I have been working out, loosing weight and trying to be healthy, I can also have a healthy tan.

*It does have a dark green color when you use it- don't let it scare you
*It says Fragrance Free but it does have a bit of fragrance to it- although I thought it wears off fast too. And you can simply put on lotion a half hour later(or whenever it's dry)
*I didn't wait quite long enough before putting on my shoes so a little rubbed off and it looks like I have a tan line from them.. very authentic though!

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