Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Epic Mickey Debt Countdown- Month 8

I promised the month of April would be another Epic one and it has been for sure! 
We filled in a total of 178 squares! On a normal month from here on out we'll be able to mark off about 18-20 squares a month. Each square represents $75... yes, that is a lot of moola we still owe! And A LOT of moola we paid off this month. 

It has been incredible how much of a difference selling our second car has made. 

Selling our second car, of course, brought down our total debt but also freed up a lot of extra monthly cash... and most importantly, our attitudes have changed greatly about our goal of getting out of debt. We were gung ho before selling it but somehow we are like 10 times more aggressive about it now. 

And, if something pops up(like having to replace the car brakes, yes this just happened... getting it done this week) we don't stress... we know we can do it easily  in one paycheck and still pay off debt. It feels great.

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How do you fuel your debt payoff?

**As a family we decided to change our lives by paying off debt. We needed motivation to keep us going. This Epic Mickey represents how much debt we owe. Each filled in square represents a dollar amount paid off. Once the entire Mickey is filled in, we will be debt free besides our home. Then we'll party in style with Disney to celebrate! We have included a monthly plan to have the savings set aside to pay for the trip too so we won't be back tracking just to celebrate. Take the journey with us as we share tips and tricks to save money, generate more money, free ourselves from the chains of debt and create a better future for our family and yours!

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