Monday, April 30, 2012

Sleepless Night

This is how my night went...

9:15- kids in bed... finally

10:15- me in bed finally

11:15- Baby wakes up with a curdling scream!(this has been happening for 2 weeks now- any time from 11 to 1... PLEASE STOP)

11:25- put baby back to bed and try to fall asleep... my mind keeps racing

12:30- Another curdling scream from the 3 year old boy... "I WANT A DRINK!!"

12:35- Stumble around and get a drink for him... while he has effectively woken up the BABY...

12:35-1:30 or so- get baby to fall back asleep... I think somewhere around this time I may have said a few things in my sleep that I would regret later...

2:00ish- don't totally remember the time... I can't think at this point... nudged my hubby and asked if he could take baby back to the crib... my arm was numb from her sleeping on it.

3:30-4ish- everything is getting blurrier... our 5 year old girl comes in and nudges me, "Mommy I had a bad dream." Somehow I pull her into the bed to comfort her with out saying a word because I just simply can't think well enough to respond.

5:00 ish- our 3 year old boy is back, "I want to sleep in your bed." Now I'm sandwiched between the 3 and 5 year old with hubby on the other side... in our queen bed... my hubby is 6'5"... seriously. If this keeps happening we'll need a California King Bed.

5:15ish- hubbies alarm goes off. Poor guy... he has to actually get up and go to work after all of this. I'm just hoping baby doesn't wake up again.

6:00- I finally fall asleep only to wake up and realize my alarms are still on. Turned them OFF.

6:30- Boy was crying in his sleep and started crying/talking/screaming...
Son, " I want a BANANA!!"
Mom, "You are having a bad dream and we don't have any bananas left, go back to sleep."
Son, "Mom we need to buy more bananas."
Mom, "Ok son, when I go to the store again I'll buy some. Just go back to sleep, PLEASE."

6:45- Woke up to help hubby find work badge that baby was playing with two days ago. Climbed back in bed next to the two older sleeping kids... should have gone to the Love Sac.

8:00- Boy woke up... wanted to play on dad's ipad... good idea... then I can sleep longer...

8:30ish- Girl woke up and began playing on the ipad with boy.

9:00- I woke up to hush my children so they didn't wake the baby... to no avail... they just got louder.

9:30- Baby was woken up and crying... ok, time to drag myself out of bed...Have a talk with the kids and let them know I have officially become Monster Mom through the night and I'll need their help to keep Monster Mom at bay. Seriously... Luckily so far there haven't been any real Monster Mom moments... yet.

I will not be getting out of pj's any time soon. Now to go make breakfast!

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