Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Epic Mickey Debt Countdown Month 41!

Ahhh...,.. longest break ever from our debt countdown. If you haven't kept up on the posts, here are the simple reasons why it's been so long....

*May 2013 had my 4th baby. An easy $5000+ (But so worth it)

*June 2013 Sold our condo AND bought a HOME.
($245,000 for the new home, we were lucky to have a good down payment from selling the condo so our mortgage was just about $200,000, big difference from our $275 monthly condo payment, lol, but so worth it again)

*Moved into our home August 2013 and found termites. $1400. 
Not thrilling but at least we were prepared and had the money to fix the problem.

*I also took a break from coupon shopping because keeping up with coupons while moving and trying to get settled just wasn't happening.

*July 2014 my husbands appendix burst... that nearly met our max out of pocket of $6400. 
So grateful that we had a little bit saved in our HSA and emergency fund as well as good insurance... otherwise that bill would have been over $20,000. 

Through all that we were just trying to adjust to the new mortgage payment and didn't feel like making big debt payments was possible... sometimes that was very frustrating since we were making so much headway before but it helped us to re-assess our budget once again and find ways to improve. We actually made some small payments but didn't keep track through out the months that are missing(32-40). Our loans are on forbearance so technically we don't have to make payments. There were some months we didn't. We have only about 10 months left of forbearance and we should be finished paying it all off well before then. YAY!

FINALLY, we are back on track for making regular big payments. We should be done by the end of May! YAY! YAY!!!!  

Soooo Finally, HERE IS MONTH 41!
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