Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Window Cleaner for the most built up hard water stains

Ok, so there has been this looming cleaning task to tackle in the back of my mind ever since we were in the process of buying our home... I had hoped the sellers would have had it done but that just didn't happen... So almost 18 months after moving in, I began to tackle it.... 
The dreaded sunroom window cleaning...

The whole room is lined with huge window panels that were neglected for who knows how long. Looking out the windows was a strain on my eyes because not only were they an eye sore but you really could only see a muffled view through them...I'd think to myself, "ok, i count 4 images that appear to be little human bodies. Good all my kids are there., at least I think they are my kids."
Hahahaha... But seriously. A mom really needs a better view of her children (roughly) umm I mean sweetly playing together in the yard while she's doing dishes.

So I did what many moms do, attempt to clean it the normal way, fail, head to pinterest for a better secret way, fail., try another pinterest "best window cleaner" recipe and fail again... Seriously, citrus fruits, vinegar, corn starch, baking soda, anything sounding familiar to you? Then something magical happens and... That's when I have a light bulb go off about something I read somewhere...
"BAR KEEPERS FRIEND! Something said you could use it on glass, and I mean I use it on my glass cook top and it works awesome. Why did I forget about this stuff?!"

Seriously a game changer... Now I feel jated that I spent all.that.TIME. on pinterest when I had the solution right under my kitchen sink! It was magical....as to be expected if you have used Bar Keepers Friend before... Really it is my friend... But the only "bar" I keep is my kitchen counter top.

Just look at the difference. One picture is of before/after BK friend came along... The dirty side had already been through all the pinterest fails... Ya that bad... But look at how crystal clear BK friend made it... 
I have only 1 panel done... I need more of the magical stuff, unfortunately it isn't cheap... But better than paying someone else to clean your windows right?

1) Rub on generously with fingertips 
2) Use a dry wash cloth to scrub hard water deposits off. 
3) Make sure to wipe clean. Magical!

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