Wednesday, April 2, 2014

OK, the REAL Epic Mickey! Month 31!! Plus a sweet way to save!

So, I know... my April Fools joke... well it was mostly only funny mean to myself! 
But it reminded me just how badly I want to fill in that chart and honestly be able to scream...

We'll get there, and we did actually make huge progress towards that goal over the last month thanks to our tax return. It is sad to just hand over our tax return as soon as we receive it but... RIGHT?!

So here is the real Epic Mickey month 31!!

And... one of my favorite ways to save when you will be shopping anyway...

I know many of you have probably used but wow, I totally scored today and wanted to share it so you can too!

My husband needed new dress shoes. He literally has worn multiple holes in the soles and even in the toe of the shoe... not a look one should head to work in. The thing is he is rough on shoes and we can not buy cheap ones for him or we would be buying a pair at least monthly. He loved the shoes he had because they have lasted and lasted and lasted... and they look good too!

So I searched for them online. Long story short, I bought the same ones, Ecco New Jersey slip on dress shoes on THROUGH ShopAtHome. These are NOT CHEAP shoes and we have put it off for as long as we could. So I was happy to find such a great deal on them.

This is the break down of the cost:

Original price. $101.99
-20% discount with code SHOPATHOME 
-Additional 15% cash back just for using ShopAtHome
- $30 Magazine Rebate 
Total Cost: $39.51! Roughly 60% off!

(Plus we had a little over $13 sitting in our ShopAtHome account so if you take that off of the price, it is like paying $26! 75% off!!)


Offer Cover
Get a subscription to People ($30.00 value - 15 issues) included with your qualified purchase over $35.00. Clickhere for offer and rebate details. Valid U.S. addresses only. Your credit card will not be shared with the publisher. 
Check the Box if you Do Not Want a Magazine.

The magazine rebate came as a huge bonus. When I was checking out, off to the right hand side of the screen, there was a message, like the one above, stating that I would be receiving a free subscription to People magazine($30 value) but that I could opt out and that there was a rebate available. So I clicked opt out, found the form to send in for the rebate and earned myself a cool $30 rebate on those shoes. SWEET!

So, friends... if I can save an easy 65% in just a few minutes on ONE item... so can you, 
and then you can tell all your friends about it!

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