Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I'm sooo ecstatic!!!! The day has finally come! 
We reached our goal! 

We paid off our Epic Mickey Chart!
We are going to Disneyland!!!

I never thought this day would come... only 4 years after my husband received his MBA... 4 grueling years of being one of the cheapest families around. Trust me, we know friends and family know that we are frugal... and sometimes cheap. To be honest, it gets really hard at times but then we totally laugh over how frugal we are too. It is a life lesson for us and for our kids. Good things never come easy. Really, the whole rice and beans, more like Ramen and Mac n Cheese with some PB&J, does get a little old... at least to us adults... not so much to the kids. They still love it. What's the cheapest moment we have had to date? Hhmmm.... I think I will have to make a list of our cheapest moments and share that later on.
All I can say is IT. IS. WORTH. IT. ToBeDebtFree!

*I know... this is much more cruel to myself... lol! But it was fun imagining what the day will be like and what I might say! ;) IT WILL COME! And I will keep you posted. And it.will.be.worth.it.
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