Thursday, May 2, 2013

FREE clothing from Target Up-cycled!

Do you remember me posting about getting totally FREE KIDS CLOTHING from Target?! 

Here's the clothing I scored for FREE!! 

I got two long sleeve shirts and 2 shorts, exact same for my two girls.

Since it's already MEGA hot where we live I sure wasn't going make my girls wear long sleeve shirts and the sizes wouldn't fit them come winter time. 

So this is what I did! 

(I wish I was a professional photographer but I'm not and I'm too impatient to keep trying for better photos after I finish a project, lol!)
  • Cut off the sleeves to the desired length.
  • Cut both sleeves into 2 long strips(4 total)
  • Sewed strips together
  • Used strips to add a ruffle to the bottom of the shirt
  • Used even the scrap serged end I cut off to make bows for the sides
  • Added a tiny bit of ric rac to the sleeves and....

 BAM! I now have a cute SHORT sleeve shirt for FREE!
One down one more to go!

I think it's safe to say SHE LOVES HER NEW FREE OUTFIT!

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