Friday, May 3, 2013

FREE Baby Sling, Canopy, Nursing Cover AND Nursing Pads!

 Yes that's a lot of FREE items for baby! I have personally ordered 2 slings and a nursing cover from these companies before... I have loved them too. My only tip is to not dry them, especially the sling or it will shrink. Lesson learned!

The only "catch" to the FREE items is that you pay shipping and handling which will vary from item to item. For the sling and the nursing cover I believe I paid $9.95-$12.95.  I'm not sure the shipping costs on the car seat canopy or the nursing pads though.

You will need to order each item separately, even the nursing pads and nursing cover that are on the same website. You can order as many as you want with the code too as long as you do them individually.

The great thing is the code is the same for all websites and items... 

use code MOTHERHOOD13 at checkout on each item.

***UPDATE: You can also use the same code to buy the GIFT SETS that include a nursing cover, 4 nursing pads, and a nursing bracelet to help you remember what "side" you are on, lol... making them only $5 plus shipping and handling which is $11.95) 

$5 Gift Set from Udder Covers

FREE sling from Seven Slings

FREE Nursing Pads(10 pairs) from Udder Cover's

FREE Nursing Cover from UdderCover's

FREE Car Seat Canopy from Car Seat Canopy



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