Wednesday, May 1, 2013

HUGE Epic Mickey Debt Count Down!! Month 20!

Oh goodness... 

We are only 4 months away from the mark we set to PAY OFF all our debts(besides the mortgage). This month sure did give it a good push! We decided to stall looking for a new home and put our savings for the down payment into our Debt Snowball! 
Mickey is finally changing his looks a bit! 

As for our original goal of being out of Debt in 4 months, I'm sure hoping we can do it but it's going to take selling our condo to get there! We originally were going to rent out the condo but have decided {I think} that selling it is the best option for us in this time of our lives. We'll probably never get the chance to get such a good deal on a potential investment property again but we'll get the chance to be debt free and possibly have a 20% down on a new home! 
Praying and hoping it works out that way! 

As Dave says, pay off debts first, then save and invest!

And as I have always been taught by my parents and through my faith, have faith and trust in the Lord. While we have our agency, when we involve the Lord in our lives and every decision, we can be directed to where and what we are supposed to really be doing in this life and the next! I know that as we do our best the Lord helps make up in the areas we lack. 
Thank Heavens for that!

Back Story:
**As a family we decided to change our lives by paying off debt. We needed motivation to keep us going. This Epic Mickey represents how much debt we owe. Each filled in square represents a dollar amount paid off. Once the entire Mickey is filled in, we will be debt free besides our home. Then we'll party in style with Disney to celebrate! We have included a monthly plan to have the savings set aside to pay for the trip too so we won't be back tracking just to celebrate. Take the journey with us as we share tips and tricks to save money, generate more money, free ourselves from the chains of debt and create a better future for our family and yours!


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