Thursday, April 25, 2013

FREE Kids Clothes at TARGET! Seriously! 50 Cent Flip Flops too...

I headed to Target to snag a couple of flip flops for $.50 each but before heading over I decided to check out the other Target Apparel coupons and ended up printing a few different ones. 
SO glad I did!

So here's the two deals I snagged and you can too!

(Thank you Nor Cal Coupon Gal)

$.50 Flip Flops!

Print Target $2 off Coupon (Can print it twice!)
Buy Flip Flops priced at $2.50
Pay $.50 each! 
(EASY!!! FYI- only the solid colored ones were marked $2.50 at my store BUT there were other cute flip flops on clearance you could use the coupon on too. The nicer kind that were originally $12.50 marked to $6.49, after coupon would be $4.49... I went with the basic though)

2 Long Sleeved Shirts marked down to $2.50 each
2 pair Shorts(basic legging type of shorts) marked down to $2.50
After Coupon it would be $.50 per item!
BUT... there was an extra deal that showed up on my receipt and each item was only $2!! 
SOOO they were FREE!!!

I think it's because I bought 4 items but I'm not sure. So might as well print two coupons and get 4 items each... Gotta LOVE FREE kids clothing! I plan on making the plain white long sleeve shirts into cap sleeve tees and embellishing them so I'll show you that sewing project later. :)

It was funny because at checkout I wanted to buy some gum so I threw in a pack that was $1.09(clearance)... I was thinking my total would be around $5-6. The cashier rang up the coupons and it came to $2.09!!! I paid more for the gum than all the clothing and flip flops! 

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