Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter Skirts...and EASY Cake Pop Recipe

I realize Easter has already passed and I really should have made this into a tutorial before Easter buuuttt I didn't. I just simply attacked the project because I needed to get them done. I did them the FRIDAY before Easter, lol! 

I loved this fabric I had spotted online and knew it would be PERFECT for Easter Skirts. So here are my two cute girls in their skirts... we never got a group picture because most of the time they were either too cranky or too busy... what else can you expect anything else from them! LOL!

Skirt Simple Instructions
 I basically just used 3 times the width of their waist line in fabric(and cut to the desired length for each child) then pleated the skirts as I sewed them to a soft elastic waist band fitted to their waist line... and added a cute pink flower trim. I know that is totally over simplified but if you sew, I think you will know what I'm talking about, for those that don't, so sorry.... maybe one day I'll have a real tutorial for you!

Here's one of my boy in his Easter outfit that I DID NOT make... I really need to learn how to make cook boy stuff... Any ideas people?

We decided it would be fun to do cake pops and mock Reese's eggs and make an Easter Bouquet...

 They turned out way better that the snowman trying to be an Easter Bunny.... I think I need to write Palmer's and let them know we ate Snowmen for Easter! 
Homemade treats were a much bigger hit!

Did you know cake pops are really easy to make?! 

Ingredients needed:
1 box of cake mix
You choose the flavor- prepare as described on box
1 tub of frosting(your choice of flavor)

For Coating:
Chocolate chips(I used a full 11 ounce bag)
1/8-1/4 cup shortening
Melting Chocolate

1) After cake is cooked, just simply crumble into a bowl and add 1 tub of frosting. Mix all together. 2)Roll into desired size of pop cake balls- I did about 2" balls
3)Put on wooden skewers and place in freezer(for 2 hours or so)
4)Melt Chocolate and shortening together
5)Dip frozen cake balls in the chocolate and decorate as desired- we used sprinkles... you need to sprinkle before chocolate hardens.



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