Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Tips to Getting Started with Velocity

If you have ordered directly through me for Velocity, you should have already received these tips but I thought it would be helpful for everyone to know the tips ahead of time. 
These tips are from my personal experience using Velocity.

Tips To Get Started with Velocity:

Tip #1 Take a BEFORE photo!
Seriously, no one else ever has to see it but you. If you don't you will wish you had... I sure do! I have pictures of me from before but not a "before" photo and it just isn't a good comparison without one.

Tip #2 Day 1- Take early in the morning with food and water.
As with any new regime of diet and exercise, day 1 is usually the hardest adjustment to make. I had SUPER MOM energy and LOVED it! It was a little extreme but because I had been lacking energy for so long I felt amazing. While very uncommon, some may actually feel tired on the first and second day. This is your body adjusting to the new supplement and you need to drink LOTS of water to help your body metabolize the supplement. Have no fear, sustained energy will come. Some have said after the first week, their energy was back and they could feel the difference.

When I asked Velocity Head quarters about why someone might feel tired after taking Velocity, they explained to me what I explained to you. Everyone's body is different and metabolizes differently so be sure to drink LOTS OF WATER every day! How much? 16 (8 ounce) glasses a day- yes that's a lot but if you are trying your best to drink that much, it will go a long way with helping your body adjust to Velocity.

Tip #4 The more you move= MORE ENERGY!
This is SOO true. On day 1, I HAD TO MOVE but day 2,3,4+ I didn't have crazy energy. Just very sustained energy through out the day. I noticed though, that when I worked out, my energy kicked into HIGH GEAR! Since I had been working out prior to Velocity, I knew the difference it was making. Use Velocity to boost your work outs! If you have a job that you are sitting at most of the day, try to keep plenty of water on hand... and you'll have a need to get up and move. 

Tip #5 Remember to EAT!
Ok, this one is super important. You'll actually forget to eat because YOU. WON'T FEEL HUNGRY. AT. ALL.  We obviously need food to survive so make sure you eat some small healthy meals through out the day. Or whatever you feel like eating. Really, it's not necessary to consciously change your eating habits as you will just notice a change take place. You won't feel hungry and different types of food won't be appealing anymore either. Seriously. The first week I started Velcoity, I went to eat a bowl of ice cream that I KNEW was super yummy because I had eaten it the week before, and to my surprise, it really didn't taste good to me. I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed but very happy to know that my taste buds had changed.

All in all, Velocity can work for YOU! 

How To Order:
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I've also create quick links on the front page of the blog for you too. 

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