Monday, October 1, 2012

Epic Mickey Catch-up!

I realize that I haven't posted updates on the Epic Mickey for a while now.
We have months 11, 12, and 13 to account for!

We are in a weird financial spot right now, more because we have so much life going on that we have realized we need to re-adjust and re-calculate current expenses and future expenses.

Here are our TOP topics when it comes to Finance:

1) Paying Off Debt
We are sooo sick of DEBT!

2) Figuring out how to make more money to help pay off debt
Again... we are SOO sick of DEBT!

3) Saving for a HOME
Our family is too big for this teeny tiny condo!

4) Growing Grocery Bill
With food prices going up, coupon prices going down, our family food consumption doubling... we need more money for groceries. (We are now a 2 box Mac & Cheese Family instead of

5) Preparing for future Medical expenses
Removing tonsils isn't cheap! Next time we'll be more financially prepared.

Ok. so with out further delay... here is our progress... LOOK CLOSE :)

 Somehow we didn't get a picture of Month 12! I swear I took one
(being the big 1 year mark and all) but can not find it!

Check out past Epic Mickey's HERE.

How do you fuel your debt payoff?

**As a family we decided to change our lives by paying off debt. We needed motivation to keep us going. This Epic Mickey represents how much debt we owe. Each filled in square represents a dollar amount paid off. Once the entire Mickey is filled in, we will be debt free besides our home. Then we'll party in style with Disney to celebrate! We have included a monthly plan to have the savings set aside to pay for the trip too so we won't be back tracking just to celebrate. Take the journey with us as we share tips and tricks to save money, generate more money, free ourselves from the chains of debt and create a better future for our family and yours!

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