Friday, June 8, 2012

I get to so many deals to share that sometimes my Budget Tip of the Week gets missed.

Through all my years of coupon shopping and saving lots I have realized there is a limit! 

It's an old truth that more coupon shoppers' need to apply:

If you would not have bought it to begin with, and if it is not truly FREE and you wouldn't use it any, then you DID NOT save money on it!

My Life Lesson on this topic: 

My first month I started coupon shopping, there was an amazing sale at Albertson's on sugary snacks like fruit roll ups, fruit snacks, chocolate granola bars, brownie bowls and so forth. 

A few may be good to have on hand but more than likely I would NOT have bought so much and overspent because I was "getting a deal". Sure I only spent 1/3 as much as the normal price but probably 2 or 3 times as much as I would have without coupons.

We don't usually keep that much sweets around the house and we probably gained a pound or too because of it too. 

I can happily say I haven't done that again!

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