Friday, June 8, 2012

High Value Milk & Cheese Coupons reset for Utah & Idaho

UPDATE: STILL AVAILABLE!!! Today it printed two more for me!

It's time to print them again before they are all out! 

$.75 off one gallon of ANY kind of milk and $1.00 off ANY 2 lbs cheese! These coupons are for Utah and Idaho only so be sure to enter your zip code to see them 

Helpful Hint: I always have to go clear to the end of the pages of coupons to find them. And for some crazy weird reason, it let me print LOTS off the same printer, I could still print more(I kept printing to see how many it would do- thinking 4 would be the most, nope... it'll still print but I stopped at 6... we drink a TON of milk and if you didn't know you can freeze it too, just be sure to completely thaw it before drinking or you'll get half very water milk- YUCK! and half very creamy! Yum...kind of...

Deals on Milk: 
(Price changes for the new adds)
Smith's: $2 $2.39 a gallon Mountain Dairy (which is rare) - $1.25 $1.64 a gallon after coupon!

Albertson's: $2.39  $2.69 a gallon- $1.64 $1.94 after coupon.

Harmon's Deal: $2 last week too (on the very bottom rack)- $1.25 a gallon with the coupon! 
I have not had a chance to check this week though so call before you go.
Maid of Clover $2.49 a gallon- $1.74 after coupon
Viva Milk $3 a gallon- $2.25 a gallon after coupon.

Be sure you ENTER CARRI'S CREATIONS GIVEAWAY while you are here visiting!

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Toni said...

I love that you let us know when these sweet deals are going on! Love it!

Julie said...

I love that you are reading the sweet deals:) Thank you! These are my favorite because at our house it is an essential! :)

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