Friday, May 25, 2012


I'm so stinkin' excited! 

This was by far my most favorite deal! Remember my post about getting FREE SKETCHERS SHOES by buying $30 worth of P&G products(which I did with COUPONS)?? Well, if you didn't notice, the form said that it would take like 8-12 weeks for them to arrive. NOT AT ALL! I had COMPLETELY forgotten about them and to my surprise they were in the mail just waiting for me! I think they were there last night but I didn't check the mail yesterday. I'm glad too because it's now my reward for running 6.35 miles today!! Yay- That's a record me. 

Anyway, here are my new FREE shoes in all their glory! I also got a coupon for 25% Sketchers shows and a cute BOBS sticker. 

This just proves how AWESOME coupon shopping can be! I didn't have to spend $30 because I used coupons... and I bought a staple at our house... DIAPERS... I would have bought them anyway! 
And... I'mwearingthemrightnow!  Rock on!!
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Raven Jack said...

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