Monday, April 23, 2012

Who handles your finances?

Sheesh, I really wish that sometimes I would just finish my post and publish it when it is most applicable. It is so funny to look back on it. This is really like reading my journal. This was in the beginning of January 2012... not too long ago really. 

When you get to the end of this post... go check out this one (about how my husband WAS GOING TO taking over the budget... and why it is important you BOTH do it together.)

Don't you sometimes feel like this when you talk finances?! This is how the draft post below came about. I was stressed and tired of dealing with the budget. I don't think we were as dramatic as this picture... but you get the point.

January 2012

"My husband and I are coming up on 6 years of marriage this April. We have always discussed the finances together and try to always create a budget we agree on but when it comes down to the spending, I have always been in charge. I pay the bills, do the grocery shopping and the shopping for the kids clothing and needs. I even usually gas up the car and pay for the oil changes. THAT IS UNTIL NOW!

As you all know, I talk about budgeting, well, all the time on here. I live and breath budgeting and saving. But to be completely honest I realized that it was overwhelming me since having our third child. (BTW, I'm wearing my Super MOM cape right now-it's red... my kids nominated me...but somehow I don't feel so super in the finance department) I always felt like we would budget like we have in the past but we have constantly been going over budget, con. stant. ly. And it drives me CRAZY!!! We have always budgeted as tight as possible because we have always felt like we are in a situation that calls for it: being in debt and wanting out of debt.

Budgeting started to feel like a burden to me(yes, me, the one who says budgeting can be fun and happy-which it can when you have the right focus- I've temporarily lost it, lol) because I feel we are budgeting too tight and my husband feels like we aren't tight enough.  We have debt and more importantly, consumer debt because of our home remodel that had to come out of pocket. We borrowed from Home Depot with a project loan; it comes with 6 months no payment no interest...AND our 6 months will be up in the end of March. Yikes! Then the interest is 13.99%!!

While that scares me, we have a plan to have it paid off before the deadline. Anyway, getting back to my point... my husband had been saying that he doesn't know enough about what's happening with our budget and he's nervous about the upcoming debt. So I so kindly offered for him to take over the budget in the new year. Hoping that the grocery shopping and bill paying would go along with it. I feel that while I have provided our family with lots of savings through my coupon shopping, I am still overspending-according to our budget- for what MY family NEEDS.

So we will see if my husband can control the finances better than myself. The only thing is, he wants me to still do the grocery shopping. Darn it! So I will be going back to my cash envelope system at least for the next 3 months until the Home Depot loan is paid off."

And here is another one from about September 2012 while we were trying to patiently wait for the keys to the new to us condo.


"After all, this is my blog right? I'll just start by admitting I'm a big baby! I guess that's why they say being the youngest child, you'll never be able to ditch the title "the baby".

Anyhow, I am also not very patient. I try to be but I've figured out that it only lasts so long and with this whole buying a home thing... it has been stretched out about a month too long... I mean who can be patient for 2 months?! I started out with the mentality of it doesn't matter much when we close because we aren't tied down to a rental agreement, we can turn in our 30 day notice at any point in time. Well, then I realized just how much we are spending on gas since now I am taking two trips into town every day for four days a week for my daughter to go to school... it's eating up my money!...

We WERE planning on being moved in BEFORE she started school. So when that time had come and gone... I started stressing a bit, or a lot. and now I'm falling apart. I do have to say that my real estate agent and my lender have been working extremely hard to get it done... I can say that I don't think Fannie Mae has nor has their agent or the underwriter who had 38 contingencies on the loan. I mean seriously... I might as well give a blood sample and finger prints right now... I'm sure that's whats coming next. Either that or she'll(I think it's a she) be asking me to go through my couch cushions to find all the coin that may have slipped in there so she can document that too... better empty my change box in the car too! I mean seriously, what do you want from me?!

P.S. Mrs. or Ms. or Mr. underwriter... I guess I should tell you about my off shore account... no lets keep that one a secret! Ha! So there! Ok, but really, lets not get any funny ideas... I'm not rich enough to have such things nor dumb enough to try and hide any such things... I am however going to be completely bald before we close on this home.... I may even wear a wig to the closing... and then I'll let you have that too because it must be worth something to you!

Ok... I'm done now. Wait no I'm not.... dear sweet underwriter, please oh please don't give me heck tomorrow and just tell me that you are done with all your contingencies and that we can FINALLY get this loan booked and the deal closed so that my family of 5 can move on with our lives and begin to actually put money in our pockets instead of yours! Thanks!"
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