Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time Management...

Another draft post from the past that I didn't ever finish... This was back in December 2011.
I've been reading Dave Ramsey's blog the past couple of days and the topics have been just entirely applicable to me. Today I read "Are You Budgeting Your Time Effectively?"

I suggest reading the entire post but for me today, what I really took away from this post was that I need to hone in on what tasks are most important. I know this. You know this. But I'll be the first to admit I have a hard time trying to do this.

I tend to "go with the flow" a bit too much. I'll give myself some room here and just remind you I do have a 7 month old, almost 3 year old, and a 4 1/2 year old. Baby is finally sleeping through the night and has been for a while now. I thought once I would hit that stage again I'd just have all sorts of energy for everything I need to do. Well um, nope! And it just so happens that there is so much life being added to my tasks at hand that I get a bit overwhelmed and find myself searching for a break CONSTANTLY.

Between trying to focus on getting out of debt, closing on our new home, taking my daughter to pre-school 4 days a week, and babysitting my great nephew ON TOP of ALL MOM DUTIES... I'm feeling thoroughly exhausted and beat up. (--This was a few months back- again, the changes made since then have so helped relieve the stress I felt. I now go running and work out regularly. I don't babysit anymore- as much as I love my great nephew! The kids miss him too.)

These are the times when I think to myself, "What am I doing? I haven't accomplished anything!!"  Let me just state real quick, that is NOT true. I'm just not sure I have accomplished the IMPORTANT things. 

So I'm just going to reflect for a minute on what I have accomplished this week:

*laundry...lots and lots of laundry
*ran errands like a chicken with her head cut off to try and close this loan
*somehow manage to dress bath and feed 4 kids(remember I babysit) each day(multiple times a day) this week, 
*got my daughter to school each day
*got the grocery shopping done
*I even got to shower maybe 3 times this week
*and I did this without any breaks... still waiting on that. 

Honestly when I look at that list, it doesn't seem long but I'm leaving out the nitty gritty details on each task let alone the ones that seem to be more robotic mom tasks. And I didn't even get to see my hubs for more than a few minutes each day for most of the week, that is truly the hardest part. He's had sooo much to do to. sigh.

For other moms out there who may be overwhelmed... just take a deep breath and realize one day you'll be looking back and probably feeling impressed you survived! :) I know I am! Pin It

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