Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I GET IT!!! Confessions of a first time HALF marathon runner.

(My face is always more red than this after running)
*For explanation of why your face gets so red go here.

When my husband suggested it, I didn't know why in the heck I would actually agree to run a half marathon. I have NEVER liked running. I played soccer growing up and I loved soccer accept I hated the running drills and the switch backs. I dreaded them every time. I guess there was just this bit inside of me that wanted to dream of being able to run a half marathon... at least once just to say I did. 

Well, friends, you have to be able to run 1...2...3...4...and even 5 MILES first!!! I don't remember ever running more than 3 and usually 2 at most in all my growing up years- I must have done it at least once during soccer but really I don't remember it. 

Today....TODAY... just now I RAN 5 MILES! Count them. 1. 2. 3. 4. and 5 miles!!!! 

If you are laughing you are probably one of those that runs 5 every day... that's cool... laugh... BUT I GET IT NOW!!! At least some of it... 

Everyone says "It's not the destination but the journey that matters..." 
but I dare say the destination is just as important!

I would not have reached a 5 mile run without a plan and preparation leading to this destination. My husband is ever encouraging but was quite surprised when I told him I ran 5 miles... (and they were 11 1/2 minute miles... not to brag or anything). He took me to Runner's World and helped me set up a custom training calendar for my very out of shape body. 

I have been able to adjust if needed but overall know where I need to be each week with my running. It has been amazing. The funny part is I THOUGHT I was supposed to run 5 miles two Saturdays ago- but I haven't ran for about 1 1/2 weeks because of a family vacation so I was trying to pick up where I left off. After I ran 5 miles today... I looked at the calendar... oh... that's not until next week. Yeah, I ROCK!!!

Anyway, getting back on track... I did not really enjoy the journey (although music helped me keep my mind more focused) but I believed the destination was worth it. 

(yes, I may be a bit cheesy at times...)

I RAN 5 MILES! 11.5 minute miles!

What do you do to enjoy your runs? 

What do you enjoy most about running?

What tunes pump you up and help you bust out the miles?

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Mel McDonald said...

That's Awesome Julie!!! You'll be laughing at me when I get to that point. I ran 2 miles strait for the first time ever yesterday and it felt amazing! I agree with you completely about the destination part w/out a destination the journey is often just a waste of time. I am so excited for you! Way to go:)

Crystal Williams said...

that is awesome julie! 5 miles is a lot if you ask me! whenever i run, i envision myself as an invincible person (even if i don't look like one.. haha) and I always tell myself how awesome and strong I am, and think about how good life is and how I am conquering the world. it sounds silly when I say that, but it works for me! Sometimes I also pretend i am in some cool movie running from danger or fighting to the death. The music I listen to varies a lot too! Sometimes its steady U2 type music, other times its the hardcore stuff to get me going faster and sometimes i listen to movie scores. Like pirates or transformers!

Julie said...

Mel- LOVE it! I had to work a long time to get to the 2 mile mark and I was stuck there for a long time too. Keep it up!

Crystal- sshhh... don't tell... but I do some of those things too! I kind of get into the music and run to the beat(even some what dance) and picture myself as super star runner, lol... although... uhm, pretty sure 11.5 minute miles isn't super star status.

Bonnie said...

It seriously gets better after 5 miles! (as long as you don't hurt yourself leading up to that point!) No matter how far the run, the first 3 miles are always the hardest! Way to go Julie!

Julie said...

Oh good! I am glad to hear it because I was excited when I hit three miles a couple of weeks ago and was so beat by the end of that run. I wondered how I'd make it to 5 on the next run but it did seem to go by easier after the 3rd mile(not easy... just easier).

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