Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Invest in Yourself!

I often feel guilty for spending money on myself. Usually because I want to buy clothes or get my hair done. As you can imagine, as a mom of three I don't spend much money on myself. 

Lately I have had a realization though, I need to Invest in Myself

I don't mean in the sense that I need to go buy a whole new wardrobe or anything but that I need to have some of my daily efforts go towards my sanity, my health, and my own personal perception of ME! (Country song seems to be playing in my mind right now... I want to talk about I, me, my...) 

I recently posted that my husband has been trying to get me to run a half marathon with him. And more recently I posted about the liar within me. I have felt like I can come up with any excuse to get out of running but what does that really do for me? Just holds me back.

Well, I can't hold back any longer, I have officially invested in myself! Yesterday my husband and I registered and PAID for the half marathon! Hence why I posted about the pack of 30 pair no show socks! LOL! Perfect timing right?

So as I was running last night and feeling some pains but feeling more of a push from within to do it-and with the help of a friend to run with- I was realizing... this is what I need. I need to invest in myself. 

As a mom(a few times over)... my life and body has not been my own. While I'm perfectly ok with that (because I have a three beautiful children and handsome husband to show for it) I have started to feel like I really need at least my body and energy back... really it will benefit not only me, but my entire family. 

My oldest loves to know that mom and dad take time to go running. She loves to run- she's only 4 but by example from her dad she has learned to love it already. I'm still working on the loving it part but it is by my husbands example that I'm trying. 

Just in the past few weeks I have been running, I have felt changes, maybe not seen them, but felt them. Sore muscles, joint pain, time and excuses have been trying to hold me back but I have kept trying, slowly but surely. 

Once I looked at it as investing in myself, I realized the potential I had and that each time I invest in myself, I get a great return. 

So that $40 registration fee for the race, those new shorts I got with Kohl's cash, and those 30 pair of socks for $15... That entire $55 spent... is well worth it! 

Just by running, I have had time to visit with friends and be a bit more social- something I used to be very good at, I have had renewed energy, I have had time to clear my thoughts, I have wanted to eat healthier and cook better foods, I have been able to work towards a real goal for myself and only myself(no one can MAKE me run), I have had a purpose with each workout. Not that they are easy but purposeful. I am investing in myself and by doing that, I am receiving great returns personally and my family is benefiting from it too! 

Running is not the only way to invest in yourself but I suggest that you do take time for yourself and really think of it as an investment in YOU! It doesn't need to cost money at all really. Maybe you want to learn to love reading... there's a library for that... maybe you just want to start with walking, there's plenty of sidewalk! Just take time to invest in yourself and start receiving dividends!

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