Monday, August 29, 2011

Perk Street Debit Card up to 5% cash back!

So I can't remember if I have already told you about this yet but I found PerkStreet through Dave Ramsey's website and basically to sum it up quick, you can have an online checking account with a MasterCard Debit Card and when you use that debit card at the checkout stand as a credit(non-pin purchase) 
you earn CASH BACK! 
Pretty sweet really. 

On all NON-PIN purchases(run as credit and sign instead of enter a pin) you will:
*always earn 1% cash back
*first 3 months earn 2% cash back
*earn 2% cash back if your balance is over $5000 or more during purchase 
*each month on PerkStreets FB page they have special categories you can earn up to 5% cash back! (up to $250 a year)
 Let me just clarify, you can earn an endless amount of Perks but only up to $250 a year in the 5% cash back section. Not bad if you ask me!

Wahoo! Love it! We opened it up in July and haven't changed our spending habits and already have earned $50+ in CASH BACK! We can now cash it out, BUT we are going to use it for Christmas Shopping! 
What will you do with YOUR cash back?

There are no hidden strings attached and it really does work! You can easily transfer cash from your current bank to PerkStreet. You can also do direct deposit too. It has been great for us and such an easy way to save some green!

I have no idea if or what I get but I do know that when we opened our account it asked for the email address of the person who referred us to them...I assume it would do the same for you, please use my email:)

Thanks so much! Happy Saving!
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KylePs80 said...

Hey Julie,
It's Kyle from the PerkStreet Blog ( I just stumbled across this post and was thrilled to see how pleased you are about joining us. How awesome that you're spreading the word about us. On behalf of everyone here at the PerkStreet corporate office, thanks so much.

By the way, if you'd ever like to contribute to our blog, we'd love to have you. Consider this an open invitation! We write every day about saving money and budgeting better-- and ALL of our writers are also PerkStreet customers. It's a great group and our readership is growing like crazy.

Anyway, thanks again for joining us at PerkStreet. Thanks even more for telling people about us. And most importantly, have a great day.


Kyle Psaty
PerkStreet Financial

KylePs80 said...
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Julie said...

Thank you Kyle! I love PerkStreet and how nice of you to notice my post! I'm just looking at the blog trying to figure out how to submit posts, I'm guessing I need some sort of approval. Can you help me out with that? I'd love to contribute!

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