Monday, August 22, 2011

Crabby Coupon Trip...

UPDATE: So my crabby coupon trip... I was supposed to make up for it on the following Thursday(after the trucks come in), guess what, the entire day I had thought it was Wednesday and didn't realize it was Thursday until it was too late to try and go. :( BUT I did have the RR's for the following week of sales! That was fun! I got some Huggies slip on diapers and wipes and potty treats as well:) It was a pretty sweet deal but i didn't save my receipt to show all my efforts. So just so you know, when couponing, I don't thing you can ever be perfect at it... if you try to be, you will be disappointed and likely quit so please don't be so hard on yourself if sometimes you have to pay almost full price or even full price every now and then.

Why am I on at 11:30 at night? Well to report to you why sometimes couponing SUCKS! I know, I know... it's all worth it in the end... and such. Well I just want to be real with you and let you know sometimes you ARE going to come home from what you think is going to be a great Grocery Haul with nothing to show for it, like me. tonight. I spent 3 hours doing the following...(not to mention all my planning from earlier today)

I planned a trip to Walgreens that involved 6 transactions, fairly simple ones too... only problem(you might already be guessing), they were all out of EVERYTHING on my list! Yes EVERYTHING, oh accept the Allegra that I didn't realize I had to have the MIR from the Sunday paper which I don't so I didn't buy it. Although I did have a couple of free coupons, herbal essences and Pantene... both came with RR's too but i had to buy 2 Pantene's to get the RR, I did. I spent $4.00 and got Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner and Herbal Essences Hairspray and $3 of RR's so a total of $1 spent. I was supposed to spend about $38 and come home with $7 RR and $28 in MIR's and LOADS of cereal and some fun freebies like markers for the kids and a few other items that my brain can't remember right now.

Then I was to hit Smith's for the last night of 4 for $10 General Mills cereal AND 2 FREE gallons of milk. I had coupons for the cereal and the milk so it would have been like getting 4 boxes of cereal and 2 gallons of milk for $6.50... just over $1 an item. I was going to do this at least twice. WELL THEY WERE ALL OUT OF THE CEREAL.... :(  I walked out completely empty handed.

Then I had planned to head to Wal-mart for just a few more items... well, I had to buy pretty much everything there... milk and a whole bunch of stuff I needed whether I could get it for free or not. At least I did have coupons that got used there... I think. I ended up spending $68 at Wal-mart. It was supposed to be like $80 for all the items... so a whopping $12 shaved off... not too impressive AND I have a lot less to show for it too.

In total I was planning on about $100 out of pocket from all 3 stores and WAY more for my money that I actually got. Better luck next time. That next time better be this Thursday morning WALGREENS, cause I'm a comin!

This is when I feel coupon burn out but I just. won't. give. up. Pin It


Bonnie said...

I have totally stopped couponing! Which means now I do not have a supply of cereal & pay full price! I am just too lazy to keep up with it! And now that I don't live 2 seconds from any store I don't bother trying to make all the trips & pretty much just do Walmart. Is it bugging you about how much money I am not saving? I just try not to think about it!

Credit Repair said...

I am sure you will take full enjoy in your trip.. Thanks for sharing your information about coupon..

Julie said...

LOL! Oh Bonnie! No it doesn't bug me that you aren't saving... that's your decision! :) It can be a hassle and take lots of time... for us, we just HAVE TO DO IT:) Really not an option, I guess you are richer than us:) Ok, I know you are:)

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