Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Aged Perfection Sings to me!

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Who loves natural aged perfection? And Pianos?! ME! 

I got lucky with this one. Within minutes after seeing it posted for sale I immediately got in touch with the seller and set up the arrangements to pick it up. Right after I did that, she got tons of offers higher than mine on it. So sad. But she was kind enough to let me know and I hurried down to check it out and paid a little bit more, which is totally ok because I love it. I loved it from the start. 
I'm lucky my husband wanted it too!

We've been searching for a piano so our children can learn to play for over a year! We just couldn't get to them before everyone else did. I wanted to know about the age of the piano so I got as much info as I could. The serial number inside the piano dated it back to 1986. Then when I saw it in person, there was another serial number on the music backing(where the music books sit) that did not match the inside. It dates back to 1940. That means someone rebuilt it. Pretty cool!

My first instinct was to just leave it as is. Then when I got there and looked closely, I saw it would need some help. The paint was is chippy and some pieces of wood are missing.

I went through a whole debate in my mind...  

1) Strip it completely and paint it?  
2)Lightly sand the chippy paint off the top and paint the rest? 
3) Or lightly sand it all and seal it in so that no more paint chips off?

Which do you think I chose?

Stay TUNED for the after shots!! Side NOTE: anyone know a good piano tuner in Southern Utah? 
I know I know, my jokes often fall FLAT... Oh I'm just killin myself here! Ha! Ok, I'm done. 

 {BTW my dining room set just took a backseat to this piano project.}

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