Monday, August 31, 2015

Sneak Peak! Upcycled Dining Set.

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I'm seriously excited!!! 
I got an awesome surprise from General Finishes in the mail after a rather exhausting day!

{is it just me or are Fridays tough after making it through the rest of the week? Everyone seems to praise Friday's but my favorite day is Sunday!}

This totally made up for it though!

I have been doing lots of paint projects in the home lately. Remember my China hutch? Ya I still have one more to go. And my end tables? And my door? Oh and the trimming on my home! Yup I've been busy painting. But I also have this rather awesome dining set that I have been trying to decide exactly how I want it. It's got a design on top that I will enhance or just completely cover. {No going in between here} The base has great details that I want to for sure bring out. As for the chairs... I know how I want them, just have to find the right fabric for reupholstering them. That'll be a first for me too! 

I'll give you a hint on my design plan... Antique white an Seagull gray!

Thank you General Finishes for the sample box! 

Stay tuned for the After Shot! This will be my first time using milk paints. 
Ready to learn with me?

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