Friday, September 11, 2015

Outdated Lighting? A little DIY project...

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All-Area Lighting Sale

I feel like a lot of my posts about my home start with... "When we bought our home I knew I'd change THIS"

So a little background on our home might help. It's OLD! And ORIGINAL everything! It's really in pretty good condition considering it's age but... being 31 years old and original(just like me- haha) it needs some updates. Between the honey colored cabinets, trim, and flooring... the very gold lighting throughout the house, murky "oat" white paint, and brass door knobs...
I KNEW a lot would CHANGE!

Some things needed to be changed completely while others could simply be refreshed.

We spent a couple hours(by we... I mean my husband and his brother who happens to be an awesome electrician)... changing out lights and fans.

I could scour the internet and find amazing lighting with abundant price tags but of course, that's not in my budget.

Here's where my DIY comes in...


I used to sit and stare at these fans hanging in my house and wonder if they were real gold- they are that shiny people! Of course I knew better, especially because when we took them down... some of the "gold" was peeling off. Ha!

I should have gotten an awesome shot of them while they were still hanging but nope... didn't do it.

Here is the best I have as a before shot. 

And here's the current after shot... 
They are going to be hung in our sunroom... it's hot up in there.
{Yup, I went gangsta, which is sooo NOT me but I'm in a mood}

I used Rustoleum high gloss white spray paint from Lowes. More cans than I like to admit... It took almost a full 4 cans... or was it 5? I know I made multiple trips to the store though... {Hate that}
When they are actually hung I'll take some more pictures for you! I can already tell I'll love them!
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