Friday, September 4, 2015

Final Epic Mickey Countdown and a Disney Freebie

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I love this freebie! We did one a while back but it's disappeared. You can create your own little vinyl decal family. I love the idea of making a cute picture frame with the decal and a picture from our Disney trip.

And if you didn't catch that...  we are totally COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL OUR DISNEY TRIP!

My husband and I were questioning if Disney really is the right way to celebrate our victory over debt because well, it is quite expensive to get there.

But after reviewing all the Disney on a Dime posts, I started to think that maybe we really could do it and stick to a budget and let's be honest, my husband is super excited. We are all super excited!
It was something he grew up doing with his family(I did not). I did, however, grow up on a budget. 

So we are going to Disneyland! 
We decided to even let the secret out to our littles so that there is no turning back.
(We had a little swim party to celebrate- hence the swim apparel)

These are snap shots from my phone- please excuse the blur... also caused by extremely excited children who wouldn't sit still long enough for a photo. LOL!
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