Monday, April 15, 2013

Epic Mickey- Oh My Word it's been forever! Month 18~

Life seems to be slipping away from me, especially in terms of the Epic Mickey. 

If you've been keeping up all these months and following the blog, you know we have started house hunting which has changed our budgeting goals a bit and Epic Mickey, while he was still getting filled in, got less attention for a few months. :( Not what we intended to have happen which means we need to get refocused again... 

So I missed Month 17 all together and now I'm posting Month 18 very late...Month 18 should have been posted March 1st to represent everything we paid in February. 

Well here it is now...

(Another one will soon follow for April)

**As a family we decided to change our lives by paying off debt. We needed motivation to keep us going. This Epic Mickey represents how much debt we owe. Each filled in square represents a dollar amount paid off. Once the entire Mickey is filled in, we will be debt free besides our home. Then we'll party in style with Disney to celebrate! We have included a monthly plan to have the savings set aside to pay for the trip too so we won't be back tracking just to celebrate. Take the journey with us as we share tips and tricks to save money, generate more money, free ourselves from the chains of debt and create a better future for our family and yours!

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