Monday, September 17, 2012

My Habit $20 Credit!!

Invite Friends, Get $20 Credit

Ok, I normally wouldn't post this because you actually have to invite friends to receive it but the usual credit you earn is $10 or $5... so $20 is HUGE!

All you have to do is invite your friends to join My Habit with your special link, if and when they do and they make a purchase, you score $20 to spend at My Habit! 

Since My Habit has TONS of way super cute items on sale every day, chances are you are doing your friends a favor and they will want and maybe even need something that is up for sale ;)

If you don't have an account yet feel free to use my INVITE to sign up ;) IT'S FREE!

Be Sure to enter my $500+ Value Giveaway too! 

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