Monday, July 9, 2012

Local Yard Sale Sites...Save $$$

So you all know about Craigslist by now but did you know that St. George has a few Facebook Pages to sell your stuff and buy stuff locally?! Yes, I'm a bit hooked and check these pages often!

Here are the two favorites!


I have seen SOOO MANY CUTE CUTE things go up for sale on these sites. Wish I could buy it all, lol! But I have also loved being able to list my stuff for sale or trade too!

Just remember to sell local and to be smart and safe when meeting up for a sale with someone you don't know!

My rule of thumb is if I don't already know you, I'll meet up in a public place with you and I'll only accept CASH. Checks are just another easy peasy way to get ripped off. 

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