Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Lambs & California Condors- enemies.

Just a family story. My husbands family(including us) raise live stock on a small farm in Southern Utah. The kids just love it. We have had lots of baby lambs recently and they are just so darned cute! It is really weird for me to think this way as I never grew up raising live stock other than bunnies and puppies and quite frankly thought farming was such a out dated practice- I was naive! We have even been feeding triplets with bottles because the mom won't care for them. It is quite fun, they are like little puppy dogs, they run up to you immediately and wag their little tails soo fast as they drink! It is really cute- maybe that's just the mom in me talking though.

ANYWAY, I learned over the weekend that 9 of the 14 baby lambs have disappeared from the family farm. Normally this would be due to coyotes but they usually leave evidence of the act.  We have spotted very LARGE birds around the area lately and have been researching them. We suspect the California Condors. They have been protected for  along time and are being repopulated into the wild... into our environment- they are not native to our environment and now I am wishing they still were not here.
They took 9 of our baby lambs and 5 of our neighboring farmers baby lambs and other farmers have reported missing live stock too. So sad! And it really has made an impact on the sheep herd as well as having animals for the kids to show at the Dixie Junior Live Stock show. I'm not sure what will happen come time for all the kids to get animals for the stock show:( 

Our poor little sheepies! :( 

Anyone ever heard of the California Condors eating your live stock before?! 
Did you know they can have a wing span of over 9 FEET!!?
And just think of what else they can take! :( 

Not liking this bird!

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ruthhill74 said...

Goodness, I had no idea whatsoever! I cannot imagine a bird taking out a lamb, but I guess it is possible!

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