Friday, July 13, 2012

Finance Friday - Budget Tip - Buyers Remorse and Returns

Normally I don't allow myself to just splurge on things, especially for myself! And I don't think it was an actual splurge either. You help me classify it as you read on.

In about one month I lost 14 pounds!!! I was ready to celebrate! Who would be right? 

I also made a deal with my husband a while back that for every mile I run I get to earn money for shopping for new clothes :) Yeah my husband is pretty much amazing for actually agreeing to this. That was about 100 miles ago when we made the deal then we budgeted the money in too. 

Even better, part of it came straight from our PerkStreet rewards program for simply just using our debit card for purchases. We had earned over $100 to put towards a gift card. I chose T.J. Maxx (because we frugal girls all know that you can get a LOT for $100 at T.J. Maxx right??). So I headed to the store to shop for MYSELF! That alone was a pretty weird and great feeling- if you are mom, you might be able to relate to this feeling. 

I knew I had the gift card money and then some that I earned through running so I piled on the clothes to try on... I was testing to see what size I was too since I had dropped so much weight. I was so thrilled when I tried on a SIZE 4 and it was sooo comfy and easy to pull on. And even a size 2 waist fit- accept my new runner thighs did not, lol. I had previously been a loose size 10 so you can image my excitement.

That's where it really started. I was feeling GOOD! So good that I tried on a lot of clothing! he! he! 
When I came out of the dressing room with my stack, the lady asked the usual, "What are you keeping?" 
My reply..."ALL OF IT!" with a big smile! I'm not going to lie, I've never had that happen before and I LOVED it! 

I went to the register and checked out. To my surprise and bad math while trying to juggle 3 kids, the total was near $200- whoa! How did I get that much in there? Well, that's ok because that is really about where my total was with the gift card and earned money... so I just took it home with me...although I did ask, "What's your return policy?" Joking that my sweet hubby might make me return at least some of what I got. BTW, he was totally ok with it and said I earned it! Love him!

Sooo, then I tried everything on at home and made my sweet hubby sit through a fashion show. Am I so mean or what? Lol! I was still loving all my new clothes but I did leave the tags on. Then the next day came and I tried them on again and tried mixing and matching with clothes I already had. Then I realized that some of the clothes weren't screaming my personality as much as they were just screaming I lost weight and I have new clothes. So again, I set them aside still with the tags on them.

Day three came and guess what?!! Out of the 10 items I purchased, I took back 7 of them!!! Yup sure did. And I still LOVE the three I kept

What to learn from this story:

1) Keep your receipts- especially if you are impulse buying.
2) Ask about return policies!! Some stores only give store credit.
3) Don't remove tags for at least 3-5 days after purchase so you KNOW you love it... 
4) Try on the clothes but don't WEAR them for at least 3 days after purchase just in case you DON't end up LOVING them.
5) Return your unloved items for your money back!

What tips do you have to share with others about impulse buying and returns?

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