Thursday, June 7, 2012

Utah's Basket vs. Bountiful Baskets

I've always been a fan of Bountiful Baskets but can't always order because we leave town for the weekend quite regularly. I just found out about a new food co-op called Utah's Basket

So what's different about this company?

1)They offer two different types of baskets, one is just fruit and one is a mixed fruit and vegetable-mostly vegetable- basket. 

2)They are $20 for each basket. (That is more expensive than Bountiful Baskets who sells their mixed for $15)

3)you pick up the basket on FRIDAY instead of Saturday! You can enjoy your weekend. 

4)You know ahead of time what comes in the basket too!

5)Ordering is from Thursday through Monday night. 

6)I also read that you don't have to bring a basket because they put it all in a box for you. That is nice because I can be forgetful with my basket. lol. 

7)One other thing, As far as I can tell, there are no additions like Bountiful Baskets has... like the Mexi Pack, the breads, granola's, boxed fruits, and other fun additions.

I'm not sure it is better than Bountiful Baskets but I think I will try ordering next time around and see just how much comes in these baskets.And for sure when I'm not in town for the Saturday Bountiful Basket I can then order the Utah Basket. 

Have you ordered from them before? 
What do you think about  Utah's Basket? 

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