Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Frog Tape Wins this War! Kitchen Table Redo!

Our poor table was in dire need of a refinish on top. 

We got our dining set for free when we were engaged. We decided to try and paint it ourselves and it helped... but let's be honest, WE HAD NO IDEA HOW TO PAINT! 

We were told to use a latex paint, DON'T do that! It is really like a stretchy latex material and peels off! And it is terribly hard to clean, especially if you don't know that you should use a finishing coat of gloss! We didn't! LOL... so naive to the painting world... we have learned a lot since then!

We had put a clear vinyl sheet over the table to make it easier to clean, the only problem was when I went to remove the vinyl, it pulled off the paint... such a natural distressed look... buuuut a little tooo distressed!

Well, here is the new look! 

I ran out of my green Frog Tape but had some Scotch Painters tape so I had to use that to finish off the stripes. As you can clearly see, Scotch Painters Tape DOESN'T work.

 Frog tape did a much better job but I still with there was something better.... 
Anyone have any tips here?

Leave a comment and I'll reveal the answer tomorrow!
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