Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Top 5 excuses not to run...

After running 5 miles last week I felt awesome. On the other end of the spectrum... this week, I have ran 2 miles total. Not so amazing. Good thing the week isn't over. Glad I got them in today(yes... just this morning) but I need to identify my "excuses" for not running and find solutions. 
So here are my Top 5 Excuses:

Between my husband's schedule and raising three children... we really have to coordinate our time for running so one of us can watch the kids. Not only that but I have SO MUCH to do around the house... how can I find the time for running?

4) SLEEP! 
I can never seem to get enough SLEEP! With three kids(one being a baby), there are lots of sleepless nights- or at least very interrupted nights of sleep. Remember this post? I often say I'm way too tired to run... I didn't get enough SLEEP. 

Who wants to run when their stomach aches? This usually follows too large a meal or too small a meal. 

I hate laundry... I hate digging through it too. Enough said.

I often feel like I just can't do it. I can't run the miles I'm supposed to so why even try? 
A bit of a downer I know... but I do find myself thinking this too often.

So here's the hard part... 

How do I overcome these excuses? 
Just an FYI, I'm brainstorming here and some of the ideas may be ridiculous...

5) Wake up early to run. Stay up late to run. Run during lunch. Buy a really good jogging stroller... then the kids can come. 

4) Get to the bottom of why my kids aren't sleeping well... help them sleep better so I can sleep better. Running in the morning should actually help me sleep better at night. read before bed. Quit watching tv before bed. Take sleeping!

3) Eat a small meal or snack before I PLAN to run. In other words, plan to run so I can think ahead and eat accordingly. Bananas or some whole fruit are great before I run. This should really benefit my health anyway.

2) Seriously, just FIND IT! Or set up a "workout station" where I have shoes, socks, shorts, tee and under garments ready. And don't forget to charge and take my Ipod and headphones- this is crucial for a good run. Also, just have a hamper for workout gear... wash that load every other day. 

1) Surprise myself! Seriously, if anyone can do it, why not me?! 

Remind myself of what I have accomplished in this life. 
I've been skydiving for pete's sake! And took my turn attempting to surf, para sailing, and flying on one of those dune buggy carts with a huge propeller and parachute- does anyone know what I'm talking about? Can't remember what that is called but it was one heck of a rush over the Southern Utah Desert Mountains!
(I may have attempted surfing but I would have to say I would NEVER try SHARK SURFING!- I mean seriously! 
This guy probably got eaten for dinner after this ride) 

Here's proof, pictures are from our recent trip to Hawaii... add that to the list... I have flown over the ocean!

If anybody can do it, it should be a mom
And all you other adventurous people out there:) 

What keeps stopping you from reaching your goals? 
How are you going to kick those excuses to the curb?!
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Camille said...

JUST DO IT!! Really! I never regret running but I always regret not running!

Julie said...

That's a good statement right there. I never regret running either.

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