Monday, May 7, 2012

5 Reasons WHY I LOVE Bountiful Baskets! Strawberries $1.37 a pound!

You already know I really like Bountiful Baskets and here are some reasons why:

1) One normal Bountiful Basket is only $15 (And if you look at the picture above, one BB is actually two laundry baskets of fruits and veggies!)

2) Extra's.... each week there is a variety of extra's and this week you can add on an "extra" purchase of 8 POUNDS of Strawberries for $11(only $1.37 A POUND- the lowest I've seen so far in my area this season is $1.99 a pound)

3) No grocery list required! Each week you get surprising variety... and I really do mean surprising. Each week there is a variety of produce and you never know what you might get!

4) Supports local first. I can't tell you how local(probably not your neighbor but closer to home than a normal grocery store) but that means fresher produce that lasts longer and that the you support your local farmers.

5) Service. This is not a "business" and doesn't make money or really do advertising. It's a large scale food co-op and you can offer to volunteer each Saturday to unload and disperse the produce too! A great way to start your Saturday!

OK one last thing I LOVE:


It's nice to have a break from clipping!

So hurry and order if you want some great produce at a fraction of the store price!
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