Monday, April 16, 2012

Working from Home- For yourself or for someone else?

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I'm constantly learning and growing from experiences I have in the internet world of things. It all started out when I began selling on Etsy where I "met" people from all other- not face to face- nonetheless met. I then began blogging as a service added for those who bought and used my products. I've never professed to be professional with blogging but I was given the opportunity with CSN Stores(Now WayFair stores) to do reviews which helped my blog following and experience quite a bit.

I ventured in to doing other reviews and giveaways too then tailed off because mom demands were and are always higher on the priority list than blogging.

Then just last year I was given an opportunity to blog for a big financial blog, PerkStreet's blog. I learned of PerkStreet because of a friend and the mutual interest in Dave Ramsey and being wise with our money. It has been enlightening to post for them.

I went in with high ambitions of posting weekly... I don't think I have ever posted weekly accept maybe the first two weeks. I thought I had just an endless amount of ideas to blog about- and I still do. Although I learned that blogging for another person or company(not myself) creates demands for a few things: You need to be ok with being critiqued, ok with them changing up your words a bit, ok with not using your post for them on your own blog(which is why my endless ideas to blog about has tailored off), and ok with deadlines... this one is huge for me. DEADLINES!

I am a mom of THREE... count them... one two THREE children... the oldest not even five yet. That means THREE others(FOUR if you include my hubby) begging for attention. THREE needing to be fed, needing to be bathed and groomed. FOUR(remember the hubs...) others needing to be loved.

THREE others who are unpredictable from mood swings, sickness, potty training, walking, running, sports, school, coloring, piles of unrolled tp, maybe even some wet hands from splashing in the said toilet where the said tp should be sitting neatly rolled by. And somewhere in the middle of all of this, I'm supposed to remember to do the dishes, the laundry, take the trash out, balance the checking account, pay bills, and take care of MYSELF... so it is quite silly that I thought I could stick to deadlines even for a moment. Silly me!

Oh wait, I don't HAVE to blog for anybody else, not even for myself if I don't want to... that's right... I'm going back to blogging for myself on my time with out deadlines.
Ahhh... I feel the pressure relieved instantly!

While I won't promise a post every day or even once a week, I will promise I'm here and I will blog when I want to! :) Hope you all don't mind! Thanks!

And thanks to PerkStreet for giving this mom of three a chance at blog fame, lol!
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