Monday, April 2, 2012

What I like and hate about NetWorked Blog Feature.

Hi all! I've been trying over and over again through out the past couple of weeks to fix my syndication on networked blogs... And seriously I have tried everything! I finally resorted to deleting the blog from Networked blogs and then re-adding it. That seemed to work and I can now finally see all the posts I have actually written over the past couple of weeks. Although I still have yet to see it on my FB targets and twitter account so this is sort of a test post.


Top 3 things I like about NetWorked Blog:

1) I'm supposed to be able to post to FB, Twitter and my blog all at once
2) My friends and Family can easily spot my blog
3) You can get time sensitive deals IF Networked Blog works correctly.

Top 3 things I HATE about NetWorked Blog:

1) SYNDICATION- it always gets messed up and some of my posts get lost.
2) SYNDICATION- how does my url feed ever change causing syndication to quit working...
3) SYNDICATION- Did I mention that it is key to may favorite things about NetWorked Blogs? When it works it's great... when it doesn't all my favorite things disappear!!!

What is a better way to publish your blog to FB and Twitter? I'm all ears!

Also any hints on how to find out what the current feed URL is for a blog? I was sure I knew what it was but I can't even pull the feed from MLBB to my personal blog anymore! AHH! Pin It

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