Monday, April 2, 2012

Bountiful Baskets! Order now!

I have been out of the habit for a while with ordering Bountiful Baskets due to family trips and neglect. But now that it's spring and everything I love is freshly grown close to home, I'm sure hoping for some good baskets! 

At our yard sale we had a little over a week ago, a fellow Bountiful Basket enthusiast came at the very end of the sale... and guess what? She gave us a bag of extra apples she had gotten just that morning from her basket! They were yummy and it was definitely a first for me to be paid in apples! lol! She actually gave them to me before she even looked at the yard sale items so it was a gift, not pay!

Anyway, it sure got me in the mood to order again and I just ordered our basket. Yay!

And of course it saves lots of money when compared to grocery store prices and considering you can't be tempted to add in extras when you head out to pick it up!
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